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We help companies invest in their Black and Brown employees and achieve strategic goals.


About Us

Ujima Now uses their combined decades of experience across all business functions (strategy, operations, sales, marketing, customer success, product, engineering, technology) to grow and scale a diverse and inclusive culture in line with your business model to encourage growth and measurable results. A sustainable business model and workplace community are symbiotic, and hence we work across the internal ecosystem with leadership, individuals at the grassroots level, all stakeholders.

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What's at Stake

​Corporate leaders have been posting messages of solidarity and donating to relevant causes, however, the impact they could make to their internal culture and the value it can bring to society at large hasn’t fully been realized. We are here to help leaders answer these questions:

  • Why the emphasis on Black and Brown employees?

  • What is the role of a business to its Black and Brown employees and how does that fit into the business’ financial responsibilities? 

  • What are leaders doing internally for their Black and Brown employees?

  • What actionable steps are leaders taking to create a more equitable and inclusive corporate culture?

  • How are leaders ensuring there are fair growth opportunities for their Black and Brown employees?

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Who we are

We are experienced business leaders and culture creators. We co-founded and scaled Stack Overflow’s Black and Brown (BnB) affinity group, which over time became a pillar of company culture and influenced company vision. With our collective knowledge, we strive to help companies create a better overall work environment for BnB employees.

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Our Vison

Support inclusive culture by giving all of your employees a real voice and platform - then watch your company culture thrive and your productivity and business grow.



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For Senior Executives

Culture stems from the shadow of leadership. We advise executives on how to create structural changes in their organizations to support and empower their Black and Brown employees while enhancing the business model ROI and achieving strategic priorities.

For Diversity and Inclusion Officers

DEI typically lives on an island. We partner with Diversity leaders in crafting an incisive diversity and inclusion strategy that can grow in scale and impact, and demonstrate value on organizational culture through measurable action.

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For Culture Leaders

Creating meaningful change can be overwhelming. We help employees organize, strategize, and facilitate healthy communities beyond ERGs or company-sponsored events. Along with building programs for professional advancement, leadership development, and networking, we help communities bridge the gap between themselves and their senior leadership teams.


The Team


Mihir Pathak, Ph.D.

Strategy Expert


Syeeda Briddell

Revenue Expert


Ian Allen

Technology Expert

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Our Mission

"To build and maintain our community together and to make your challenges, ours and to overcome them together.”

Ujima is named after, and therefore inspired by the third day of Kwanzaa where observers honor the principle, Ujima, meaning the commitment to active and informed togetherness on matters of common interest.  But equally as important, it is also recognition and respect of the fact that without collective work and struggle, progress is impossible and liberation unthinkable.

Ujima Now was founded on this very principle, and its core beliefs are rooted in the fact that our efforts for equality and inclusion are vital for a vibrant and progressive future. Ujima Now strives to bring attention to, and underscore, the obligation we have to each other to shape a future in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute and help further not only business but societal growth. This can only be done through sharing and understanding our common as well as differing   hardships and benefits, together, now. 


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